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Welcome to "Superior Hulls Inc"

This is just our simple general website, where we are inviting the Wise Maritime Partner for collaboration with us in our safe profitable, and Market Ready project, which is based on an innovated and extensively tested, highly beneficial discovery for superior marine hulls of Boats and Ships.

"Superior Hulls Inc." was incorporated in Canada in 1996, so to develop our yet original advanced technologies resulted from innovations of the yet most advanced Hulls Design" as well as add-on "Flying & Surfing" capabilities for all existing boats and ships.

Modern wisdom indicates we need a suitable corporate commercial-partner, for better protection of the identified "vast market value" of the invention. We seek safe growth within the Maritime industry, that as a private inventor company we can not secure, making this a very attractive Maritime opportunity for a wise maritime corporation.

We have two newer website with more information but without showing/exposing yet our patentable trade-secrets, for protecting our pending patent as well as protecting our sought future partners/collaborators in the market ready project, found at NEWER WebSite and our Newest website is found at NEWEST website

We have a yet much older website which was created as a set of personal letters/Web Pages for each sector interests, with all the information we can publish without showing/exposing our patentable trade-secrets, for protecting our future partners. Please contact us for the link to our ORIGINAL WebSite

About our company

In 1996 I have created this new company which proceeded with public sharing what the original company had developed since 1974 (O.B.H. Ltd was secret holding company because of the military importance of the discovery and its vast value to the Global Maritime industry).

The original idea was formed in 1962, and only in 1974 I was able and free to start a secret research and development project incorporated by Orchard Bay Holdings, which had transferred its highly valued finding to Superior Hulls Inc in 1996. The reason that up to date the impressive results of the discovery, innovated as a yet new product-line and a yet new advanced hulls' design, so many years after the project was ready for entering the market, is because the needed suitable partners/collaborators invited into the project from the industry have not recognized the special wisdom in our modern wiser strategy of not being subjected to risks of IP piracy or copy-cats/reverse-engineerings or Take-over intents of the new and very rewarding lucrative marker created by this yet new original discovery, its highly beneficial technology plus the resulted futuristic hulls' design and product line for all existing boats and ships

Our Products

Superior Fins

Our add-on technology, is about specialised fins which are added to hulls of new boats and ships as well as are beneficial to be installed on any already existing hulls of boats, vessels and ships. These specialised flexible fins add lift plus significantly improve performance and economy plus much more comfortable ride which feels like surfing in lower speeds and real flying at high speeds

Superior Hulls

Superior hulls design, is yet the most advanced hulls development which have been tested on a small as well as large models to be found as highly beneficial in superior performance with added loading advantage and more internal room offered, as well as significantly improved economic and comfort qualities.

Universal Automation

Our proposed Nomadic Manufacturing of Flying Boats, by the yet new art of Automatic Comprehension, is yet a futuristic technology we shall start-up in its simple modern manufacturing capabilities already found on the markets, and then, we shall upgrade it as in our business strategy plan.

Our Services

Our services have always been computerised,and are including any and all personal plus corporate service which includes free information sharing plus business development consulting at this phase of pre marketing, pre patenting, and pre partnership.

In the future, all our automated services will be extended worldwide to our clients, as consulting to licenced designers, architects, shipyards, boats manufacturers, racing teams etc'.


Superior Hulls Inc. P.O. Box 1117 Crofton  B.C. CANADA  V0R 1R0 Superior Hulls Inc. (#12) 44 Ben Gurion St., Hertzelia 4644606 Israel